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Vertical Laminar Air Flow

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Manufacturer

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Vertical Laminar Air Flow Manufacturer

We are one of the leading Vertical Laminar Air Flow manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our vertical laminar air flow (VLAF) offers vertical directional flow and material retention exceeding 0.5 microns. It is a microprocessor-controlled system with an enclosure that provides a workplace free of particles. A blower directs air through a HEPA filter and down vertically to the surface of the workstation. Transparent side windows with reinforced glass improve visibility and light. Small objects inside the cabinet can be used conveniently thanks to the waterproofing connection on the side panel. The work area, which is bounded by stainless steel side panels and a front sliding sash, is protected from product damage by the vertical laminar airflow.

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Construction

The cabinets are made of thick board that has been sunmica or epoxy coated mild steel. The work table's thick board is covered in either S. S. or sunmica at the top. There will be a table top available as an optional accessory. A silastic sealant is used to encapsulate all joints. Thick sheets of clear acrylic are offered as side panels.

The device has a pre-filter installed and is designed to pass through a high-efficiency HEPA filter with a rating of 99.997% or higher with heated, DOP, retaining all airborne particles of size: 0.3 micron and larger. The motor and blower assembly are dynamically and statically balanced using a versatile machine. In order to reduce vibration, blowers are installed on vibration isolation mounts. Fluorescent lights installed in the container provide lighting for the workspace. The working table's height offers a relaxing "Sit Down" working position that allows operation to run on a 220/230 volt AC source.

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Operation

Pre-filters are used to pull in ambient air, which is then introduced into the work area by HEPA filters. The work zone's average speed is kept within 0.4 and 0.5 metres per second. According to US FED STD 209 E, the work zone's air quality is superior than class 3.5 (100).

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Application

The vertical laminar air flow (VLAF) is made to offer a high level of protection for process goods in labs and manufacturing facilities. There are many important applications in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, chemistry, nuclear power, and microelectronics needs for an ultra-clean working environment that is free of biological and particle pollution. It works well in laboratory settings when product protection is necessary. Small size conserves valuable lab space. It includes a dynamic pressure box without a divider and an ultra-thin filter. Working with lab equipment inside the workspace is possible due to the larger area.

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Manufacturer & Supplier

Known as one of the top Vertical Laminar Air Flow manufacturer and supplier, our offered Vertical Laminar Flow (VLAF) devices are highly appreciated for their low noise and wide range of applications. They are created using cutting-edge technology, and they can also be created to the specifications supplied by our clients. Contact us to get best solutions as per your requirement.

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