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Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Manufacturer

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Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Manufacturer

Swastik Engineering is one of the leading Horizontal Laminar Air Flow manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Laminar air flow (HLAF) supply purified airflow across the work area to shield the sample from airborne contaminants. These are appropriate for a wide range of applications, but they are particularly useful in settings where sterility and clean air are essential, such as many clinical and research labs, sterile equipment assembly lines, and electronic device manufacturing facilities. In the Horizontal Laminar Air Flow, purified air travels from a filter placed below the work surface toward the operator. The direction of air flow largely depends on the procedure type, operator safety, and clearance requirements. Horizontal Laminar Air Flow also protect the work space from various microorganisms. Within the laminar air flow, a stainless steel working surface and replaceable clear glass panels are used.

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Operation

Swastik horizontal laminar air flow enables operating in sterile and particle-free environments because a horizontal micro filtered air flow continuously flushes the working area. The work area is protected from ambient air infiltration because of the favourable pressure inside the cabinet. Laminar Flow use fan/filter modules that are 99.99% efficient for HEPA to remove airborne particle contaminants.

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Functions

Horizontal laminar air flow offers a steady stream of particulate-free air for applications requiring Class 100/ISO 5 air. A prefilter is used to filter the outside air before it enters the appliance. A blower horizontally distributes air via HEPA or ULPA filters across the workspace surface for electronics testing, plant tissue development, media plate preparation and different pharma process. Horizontal laminar air flow typically has a wider work surface than vertical versions, with space within for tools like microscopes.

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Features

Microprocessor controllers that monitor filter conditions (such as inadequate air flow, for example), seamless designs that reduce turbulence, the choice of rust-free polypropylene construction over easy-to-clean stainless steel, and built-in illumination are all features to take into account when selecting a laminar flow hood. Horizontal laminar air flow are not meant to be used with biohazardous materials because, unlike biological safety closets, the air they produce returns to the environment.

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Application

Our horizontal laminar air flow has been specifically engineered to work in various segments such as clinics, electronics, food inspections, plastics, horticultures and many process industries. Swastik laminar air flow fulfils the requirement of the clean-air conditions required for scientific or pharma laboratory. Excellent for use with antimicrobials, a heat cycler, a centrifuge, IV medicine preparations, and plant cell cultures, but only if the cultures are safe for the environment. It is ideal for use in the medical, food, and sectors for sterile operations, electronics assembly, micro mechanism assembly, and any other operation where clean conditions are essential to safeguard the product from airborne contamination.

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Swastik engineering is a reputed Horizontal Laminar Air Flow manufacturer and supplier in India. We serve our customers with best quality laboratory equipment and clean room equipment at affordable prices. Moreover, we also provide custom product solutions to customer as per their application requirements. Contact us to get best solutions.

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