Static Pass Box Manufacturer


Static Pass Box Manufacturer

We are leading static Pass Box manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Pharmaceutical companies utilise Clean Room Pass boxes to transport materials and to keep classes separate. The location is in a transitional state. Without introducing contaminants into the clean room's air or opening the door, these static pass boxes can be mounted on the wall separating the clean room from the adjacent room. The pass box stops air from moving from one place to another when materials are being transferred. Simple boxes are positioned in a static pass arrangement between two spaces. It also goes by the name "passive pass box" and prevents contaminants from entering the sterile area.

Function of Static Pass Box

When material is being transferred, the Pass box restricts airflow from one location to another.Simple boxes that are mounted between two places make up a static pass box. It keeps pollutants from entering the sterile region and is also referred to as a passive pass box. Our Static Pass Box device is made of Matt Finish steel and premium components, and it is able to totally remove contaminants from the air. The entering air is filtered by these static pass boxes, which are put in manufacturing facilities to keep the air free of toxins and dust. These static pass boxes have UV light, an hour metre, fluorescent light, a buzzer signal to know the substance is retained within, and an indicating lamp. They function incredibly well in the clean room unit.

Swastik enterprise provide unique static pass box as per the customer specification and requirements.

Static Pass Box Working

  • It has the two doors
  • A glass window is built within the doors to provide visibility of the material being stored for transfer.
  • The cleanroom's door opens first, followed by the other room's door.
  • One door can only be opened at a time since the doors are electronically linked.
  • It stops air from moving directly from one room to another, or vice versa, in a cleanroom.
  • It does away with the need to open the cleanroom door to transfer materials.
  • It assists in completing the material transfer task without lowering the cleanroom's level of cleaning.

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    Known for our quality products, we are known as the best static pass box manufacturer in India. Our static pass box is made using quality raw materials further they are highly appreciated among customers for its effective performance. We are also capable to provide custom range of Static pass box to suite customer’s specific requirements.

  • Technical Specification

    Model SESP150 SESP200 SESP300
    Design type Static / Passive
    Internal Dimension (in mm) 450L x 450W x 450H 610L x 610W x 610H 910L x 910W x 910H
    Outer Dimension (in mm) 570L x 510W x 590H 730L x 670W x 750H 1030L x 970W x 1050H
    MOC Stainless steel 304
    Illumination LED tube light
    Door Two side doors
    Glass window
    SS handles & SS hinges
    Electromagnetic Interlocking system
    Standard Fittings UV light
    Light indicators for door
    SS Handles & SS hinges
    Power supply 220 Volts / 50 Hz
    Optional MOC SS 316 / 316 L
    Test certificates
    Mechanical door interlocking
    Door buzzer
    UV light hour meter

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