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Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Manufacturer

Backed by expert professionals, we are one of top laminar Air Flow Cabinet manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our products are widely demanded in many industries since it is made using best quality material and tested in accordance with international parameters to provide optimum performance. Our offered Laminar air flow cabinet is highly appreciated for its effective performance.

What is Laminar Air Flow Cabinet?

The term "Laminar Air Flow Cabinet" refers to a system that produces continuous, uniform flow of air in both velocity and direction. Uni - directional flow of air in a small area is made possible by laminar air flow cabinets. Air is emitted through a filtering system and exhausted onto the work surface to provide the particulate-free working environment.

Cabinets with laminar air flow are made to move HEPA-filtered air at a constant speed and direction. This unidirectional airflow helps to preserve sterility while avoiding cross-contamination.

Working Principle of a Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

Laminar Air Flow Cabinet is mostly used in the R&D department and pharmaceutical laboratories. It consists of a chamber that has an air blower attached to the back side, allowing air to flow through it in vertical lines that are equal to one another at a constant pace.

The laminar air flow cabinet operates on the concept of laminar flow of air.If the air molecules moving through the air move in a number of parallel straight lines, the flow is referred to as laminar. While moving, the gas molecules don't collide with one another. It employs a high-efficiency particle airflow mechanism that tends to collect and remove all kinds of airborne contaminated particles in order to preserve a clean and sterile atmosphere.

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Application

The vertical laminar air flow cabinet (VLAFC) is made to offer a high level of protection for process goods in labs and manufacturing facilities. There are many important applications in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, chemistry, nuclear power, and microelectronics needs for an ultra-clean working environment that is free of biological and particle pollution. It works well in laboratory settings when product protection is necessary. Small size conserves valuable lab space. It includes a dynamic pressure box without a divider and an ultra-thin filter. Working with lab equipment inside the workspace is possible due to the larger area.

How Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Works?

The fluorescence light and blower turn on when the device is get activated. The air is drawn in by the blower, the filter pad removes the larger impure particles, and the HEPA filter filters out the smaller impurities. The device's cover eventually becomes fully or partially open. After that, the workstation is cleaned thoroughly and correctly using alcohol and a cotton or clean fabric cloth. This alcohol can range in purity from 60 to 95 percent. The blower is then switched off, the device's lid is closed, and the Ultraviolet light is activated. The body undergoes mutations as a result of the carcinogenic effects of UV light, which results in cancer.Therefore, the operator must not expose themselves to ultraviolet light for an extended period of time. It takes at least 15 minutes for the UV radiation to eliminate all germs, pathogens, and other microscopic contaminants. The equipment is then properly sterilised when the Ultra violet lamp has been turned off.

Parts of a Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

  • Working Station
  • Filter Pad
  • Blower Fan
  • Hepa Filter
  • UV Lamp
  • Fluorescent Lamp

    Together, these components form a laminar air flow cabinet. The blower improves in the device's ability to draw air from the front or top of the device. Large dust particles are captured from the air as it passes past the filter pad. The HEPA filter removes germs and other particles after the air has passed through it. The enclosure is in contact with and covered by the filtered air. Every form of suspended germs and particles are removed by it.

    You have the choice to disinfect the work area by using the UV lamp. Laminar air flow is maintained by the device's meticulous construction. The air inside the enclosure moves in one direction in straight lines that are parallel to one another.

    Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Types

    We can use two broad categories to classify laminar air flow cabinets:

    1. Vertical Laminar Air Flow

    In vertical type of laminar air flow, a fan is attached to the cabinet’s roof. The fan draws in air and blows it vertically downward into the room. Positive pressure is applied to the air as it flows through the cabinet from the top to the bottom. It is thought to be rather safe because the air is not blown directly in the user's direction. The only drawback of a vertical laminar air flow cabinet is that it costs more because it requires two installations of HEPA filters. It is frequently employed mostly in laboratories.

    2. Horizontal Laminar Air Flow

    The input air is drawn in by the blower and processed through to the HEPA filter as it enters from the back of laminar flow bench. The filtered air is then horizontally pumped inside the chamber to complete the process. Large surface areas are required for horizontal laminar air flow chambers, which are heavy and bulky. Additionally, because the waste air blows directly in the user's direction when handling some medications, such as anti-neoplastic pharmaceuticals, this type of air distribution system falls short in terms of ensuring the user's security. This is the justification behind the usual preference for vertical laminar air flow over horizontal laminar flow equipment.

    Advantages of a Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

  • The advantages of laminar air flow cabinet include the fact that they are environmentally beneficial because they don't discharge any hazardous gas into the atmosphere.
  • The Laminar air flow cabinet don't need a lot of upkeep or repairs. The installation fee is the only expense incurred with regard to such devices. As a result, they are relatively cheap and efficient.
  • They are easily transportable and can be brought to new places.
  • Laminar air flow cabinet lessen the possibility of environmental turbulence during an experiment.
  • Some laminar air flow cabinet come with sophisticated security mechanisms that are designed to alert users and sound alarms in the event of any security breaches.

    Disadvantages of a Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

  • The effectiveness of the equipment to effectively sterilise the inside environment is diminished when hands or objects are placed on it since they turbulence the air flow and disrupt it.
  • Some laminar air flow cabinet have a tendency to blow fumes in the users' faces.
  • Laminar air flow cabinets need to be handled and cared for properly for optimal performance.

    Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Applications

    A laminar air flow cabinet can be used in a wide range of industries, including medical, biological research facilities, chemical production facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and many more. A sterile and clean atmosphere is necessary for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medicines. Therefore, these procedures are completed within the laminar air flow cabinets.

    If you need to perform delicate work, a laminar air flow cabinet is a helpful equipment. It creates a clean environment inside the cabinet, allowing you to deal with delicate components like tissue culture and electronic wafers. Air flow devices are not only affordable and transportable, but also a sustainable choice and light in weight. But while using the hood, you must always wear safety lab attire. You must follow the operation handbook at all times. Additionally, you should exercise caution while purchasing a cabinet for laminar air flow. Consider your needs before selecting a type.

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