Dynamic Pass Box Manufacturer


Dynamic Pass Box Manufacturer

Swastik enterprise is one of the leading Dynamic Pass Box Manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. We are renowned for offering a variety of products that are of the finest quality and accuracy. We provide a dynamic pass box that helps keep pollutants out of cleanrooms and other locations. It is used to move object from an unregulated environment to a regulated environment. It functions as an airlock. It comes in a variety of types, including cascade, sink, and bubble. An interlock guard system is installed on both sides of the dynamic pass box. To avoid cross-pollution, an interlock monitor system prevents the PASS BOX's inlet and outlet from being opened at the same time.

Dynamic Pass Box Construction

A dynamic pass box can be specified as a cubicle placed between two categorized areas or substance moving with HEPA filtered air. The dynamic box has linked doors on either side that prevent the air from becoming contaminated. By doing this, contamination of the environment under observation during material transfer is avoided. The door is opened and closed by the magnetic lock whenever the button is pressed. The opening and closing of the door is regulated by a UV light of the dynamic box. The door is closed when the UV light is switched on, and opens whenever it is turned off. Our offered dynamic pass boxes are utilized in the pharma segment to move items between locations while maintaining class.

Working of Dynamic Pass Box

Our offered dynamic pass box works similar to laminar air flow system. This pass box is filled with clean air, which also prevents contaminants from entering. Its dual-sided interlocking doors restrict the spread of contamination of the system area. The pass box machine is built to GMP criteria and contains a recirculated filtration system. Our Pass Boxes are made in accordance with the strictest design guidelines and provide you a variety of pass box options based on the confinement level and material movement between different clean rooms. We also offer them for regions that are flame-proof.

Contact the Best Dynamic Pass Box Manufacturer

Highly engaged as dynamic pass box manufacturer in India, our dynamic pass box is manufactured using best quality raw material. It is one of the most durable and efficient pass box offered by us. The company produces all of the pass box variations that are in demand in the market.The entire process of making a clean room box is supervised by a team of experts who ensure that the finished product is superior in quality, free of manufacturing flaws, and suitable for use by sectors including the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics, and semi-conductor device manufacturing industries.Customer can also directly contact us with their specifications and requirements to get custom set of dynamic pass box at best market price.

Technical Specification For Dynamic Pass Box

Model SEDP150 SEDP200 SEDP300
Design type Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic
Cleanliness level Class 100 Class 100 Class 100
Internal Dimension (in mm) 450L x 450W x 450H 610L x 610W x 610H 910L x 910W x 910H
Outer Dimension (in mm) 570L x 510W x 950H 730L x 670W x 1100H 1030L x 970W x 1410H
MOC Stainless steel 304
Illumination LED tube light
Air system Motor-blower with suspension arrangement
Filters Pre filter (95% down to 5 micron)
HEPA filter (99.97%)
Protected by SS grills
Door Two side doors
Glass window
SS handles & SS hinges
Electromagnetic Interlocking system
Standard Fittings UV light
Light indicators for door
SS Handles & SS hinges
On / Off Switch for blower
Power supply 220 Volts / 50 Hz
Optional MOC SS 316 / 316 L
Differential Pressure Gauge
DOP Test Port
Test certificates
Calibration certificate
Mechanical door interlocking
Door buzzer/UV light hour meter

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