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Laminar Fume Hood Manufacturer

We are engaged as the top laminar fume hood manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our offered laminar fume hood is widely used in the various laboratories, R&D labs, Pharma and Chemical companies.Laminar Fume Hoods were developed to safeguard lab personnel when handling hazardous gases, vapours, and biological materials. By keeping a steady, unidirectional flow of air that has been through a HEPA filter over the work area, laminar flow hoods safeguard the work atmosphere from dust and other airborne contaminants.

Laminar Fume Hood Working & Applications

A laminar fume hood (LFH) is frequently used for handling lab samples that need to be as sterile as possible but are safe for inhalation. In an LFH, air is pumped throughout the work zone in a single direction after passing through the HEPA filters that are mounted in the hood. The clean air stream ensures the safety and protection of the materials by removing any steam, smoke, or dust that may be produced during various activities.

Laminar fume hoods, however, should be understood to be distinct from biosafety cabinets. LFHs release good air from the unit’s backside across the workspace and toward the operator, exposing them to chemicals. Again, a laminar fume hood, such as a bio safety cabinet, only offers protection for the materials being performed on and does not safeguard the operator from breathing in particles released by the lab samples.

Laminar fume hood can be used for a wide range of scientific operations and activities that require clean, dust-free, abacterial air conditions, such as executing cell culture studies, making sterile pharmaceutical goods, or putting together sterile equipment. However, these devices are not suited for handling infectious substances.

How does a Laminar Fume Hood work?

When using a fume hood, air is drawn into the chamber with the help of a blower from away from the user. The facility exhaust system is used by the fume hood to cleanse the air before venting it outside. An alternative is to use a fume hood to filter the air, get rid of any harmful fumes, and then circulate the air inside the space. Most fume hoods have gauges or sirens that can alert the user to inadequate airflow and the possibility of being exposed to dangerous vapours.

Contact the Top Laminar Fume Hood Manufacturer

One of the top Laminar Fume Hood manufacturer, Swastik Enterprise offers Fume Hood units in a range of sizes and dimensions to accommodate the demands of your requirement. These fume hoods come with a choice of MS or SS construction and both vertical and horizontal sliding sash. The most popular specifications for our fume hoods' standard sizes are also available.

These fume hoods, sometimes referred to as laboratory fume hood, have a dilution effect on combustible gases and vapours. Our product line consists of mobile units, ducted-ductless fume hoods, and general-purpose fume hoods; these units can be customised with the extra features and requirements needed to successfully complete challenging laboratory research projects anywhere in the world.

All Laminar Fume Hood types are produced using an ISO-certified quality system and meet or exceed all applicable international quality standards. Please contact us if you would like more information about our fume hoods' supply, warranty, and price specifics. The support staff will give you the exact information you need to help you.

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