Pass Box Manufacturer

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Pass Box Manufacturer

We are one of the leading Pass box manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Our pass boxes are precisely tailored to your unique needs.The requirements of pass box change depending on the industry. For instance, there must be a minimum amount of man and material mobility in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and there must be no potential for contamination across the various classified regions. We develop the Pass Box to enable material transfer with minimal worker mobility, achieving the appropriate categorization and maintaining the integrity of items and processes. Additionally, it helps in preventing the entry of particle pollutants into the clean-room system.

Our pass boxes adhere to the strictest design standards and give you the choice of pass box type based on the confinement level and material movement through one cleanroom to another. We also offer them for regions that are flame-proof.

What is a Pass Box?

Pass box is one of the important components of clean room equipment, it is used to transmit items from a side to the other through a sterile situation in order to prevent airborne bacterial contamination. A pass box's sole purpose, as implied by its name, is to move substance from a side to the other without posing a contamination risk. If any particle matter is present on the surface of the material, it is swiped away during the process. The key component of a pass box is its interlocking door mechanism, which keeps the door on the opposite side closed while the door on one side is opened. It is also known as a transfer hatch, clean transfer window, and cleanroom pass through; additionally, it is commonly utilised in microbiology labs in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

The user-specific requirements determine the best design configuration for a pass box, which might be static or dynamic in nature. As follows is an explanation of how these two differ:

Dynamic Pass Box

This dynamic type of pass box is installed between areas that are classified and non classified. Material passes through air that has been HEPA filtered vertically.

Static Pass Box

On the other hand, a static pass box has no ventilation system or extract and is solely installed between two hygienic regions. It also goes by the name "passive pass box" and has a UV light. Construction of Pass Box

Pass Box Construction

Due to the complex nature of the work to be performed from these boxes, our provided pass boxes are constructed under the direction of competent engineers. These are intended to facilitate the passage of items between the two adjacent environments while maintaining total ISOLATION between them. The pass box's airtight environment is made possible by the doors' precise alignment and strong gaskets.

The current state of technique, which consists of door lock/open sensors, supporting electronics, and electromagnetic locks, prevents parallel opening of both doors. Square pipes and stainless steel sheets with a SATIN or MAT finish make up the basis of the construction.

Contact the Best Pass Box Manufacturer

Known as one of the best pass box manufacturer, our products are highly appreciated among customers. They offer low noise and simple operation, and their durable design ensures a long service life. Our pass box is available in standard size. We also create personalised pass-through boxes in any size requested by the customer. Each box is produced in India at an industry-beating price while adhering to international standards.

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